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Handmade by Mamá Luz according to the Montessori and Waldorf method, this Montessori wooden baby toy set toy set guarantees fun and learning for your baby from birth to the first year of life.

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With the Montessori wooden baby toy set handmade by Mamá Luz according to the Montessori and Waldorf method, fun and learning are guaranteed for your baby from birth to the first year of life.

Made entirely of wood, the toy set is based on the Montessori method and allows your child to develop his mental and motor skills from the first month to the first year of life. The various products playfully encourage the development of grasping ability, spatial perception, hand-eye coordination and reflexes.  Each toy included is designed for a specific stage of your baby’s development.

In addition, the Montessori toy set is also a great gift for birth. Because it promotes development at different levels and provides both the child and the parents over a long period of time a lot of variety and joy.

The use of the developmental Montessori wooden baby toy set is recommended here as follows:

Movable fabric bands on a wooden ring: From 2 months.
The ribbons attached to a wooden ring are hung above your baby and encourage him to focus his gaze on the colors and movements of the ribbons as soon as he lies on his back.

Interlocking wooden discs: From 2-3 months, as long as your baby doesn’t yet have a grasping reflex.
The interlocking wooden discs support hand coordination and encourage your baby’s developing fine motor skills.

Bell rattle: From 3 months
The bell rattle adapts to your baby’s hand and encourages the development of grasping skills. When your baby shakes the rattle, he is acoustically attracted to the sound of the little bells. Once your child begins to put the rattle in their mouth, it is recommended to switch to the grasping balls.

Gripping balls: From 3 months
Challenges your baby to develop his grasping skills, even when passing the object from one hand to the other.

Teething ring: From 4 months
The teething ring covers your baby’s need to bite and explore the environment with his mouth.

Wooden spoon: From 5 months
The wooden spoon is a multifunctional toy and covers several areas at once. It serves as a grasping material, as a teething ring to relieve teething discomfort and allows your baby to become familiar with a spoon – before it is used for eating at a later stage!

Fabric with textures: From 6 months
The fabric has two different textures: a softer 100% cotton fabric and a slightly less soft felt. The different textures and colors of the fabrics are a stimulus for combining your baby’s senses.

Wooden egg and matching cup: 8 months and up
The wooden egg and accompanying cup encourage your baby’s eye-hand precision, wrist movement, tactile sensing and spatial thinking.

Note: All toys included in the set should always be used under adult supervision!

Material: Untreated, sustainable natural wood
Dimensions: The toy set comes in an organic cotton bag (length 30 cm x width 20 cm)
Brand: Mama LUZ, Spain
Weight: 1.1 kg



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